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Division of transport development

The core activities of the D1 division comprise research, expertise and service activities for the Ministry of Transport and other organizational units of the state or for local authorities. It conducts research in the field of conceptual work in the development of the transport sector, road, integrated and combined transport, transport informatics and telematics, non-motor transport, civil aviation, and cross-sectional issues in transportation.

Within its other activities, it provides consulting, information advisory, and service activities to other entities engaged in the transport sector:

  • formation of transport policy, expert opinions on transport development projects for all transport sectors;
  • examination of transport services provided in regions, solution proposals to these issues and their optimization;
  • provision of background documentation for coordination of the national and departmental statistical surveys by the Ministry of Transport;
  • it monitors and provides up-to-date development trends in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS);
  • educational programme of practical proposals for the support of non-motor transport, whether on the level of public administration, local governments or community interest groups;
  • issues of civil aviation and its position in relation to other modes of transport;
  • addressing cross-sectional issues of transport economics and pursuing conceptual activities in the planning of research in this area.

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