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Personality and professional drivers´driving behaviour


The driving performance of professional truck drivers was assessed though a driving simulator and correlated with Big Five personality traits, sensation seeking, and present time perspective. The variables measured were speed and lateral position in the lane. The Big Five personality traits were measured by a NEO-FFI questionnaire, sensation seeking by the Brief Sensation Seeking Scale, and the present time perspective by the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. Participants were professional drivers who drove through three scenarios in a truck simulator. Sensation seeking and hedonistic present time perspective were associated with a higher mean speed. Conscientiousness correlated with a lower mean speed. Extraversion and sensation seeking were associated with driving more on the right side of the lane. Relationships identified in previous research on automobile drivers were confirmed for professional truck drivers according to (1) higher speed/higher risky behavior and (2) higher sensation seeking, greater present time perspective, and lower conscientiousness.