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Through its research focus, Transport Research Centre (CDV), covers the key needs of transport development in the Czech Republic at national, regional and local levels. The institute covers traditional fields, such as road safety; construction technology; maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of transport infrastructure, including geotechnical aspects and diagnostics of transport structures; impacts of transport on the environment; transport economy; multimodal transport; traffic psychology; traffic education; traffic demand modelling; management systems, geographic information systems; check-in and parking systems, telematic controlling systems, etc.

Research outcomes are directly applied in practice through different methods. Most project outcomes come in the form of methodologies which guide individual users to effectively deal with specific transport issues, e.g. to run traffic education courses at schools effectively, to design gabion walls effectively, to effectively predict subgrade bearing capacity before its treatment, to design road signing and marking, to produce sustainable mobility plans and traffic general plans, etc. The research results are more and more published in prestigious world journals and presented at international conferences, which is important feedback for CDV.

The structure of research issues allows CDV to deal with transport and its infrastructure from complex perspective. Therefore, apart from purely scientific outcomes, the research results can also be applied in specific contracts related to the research work. They include the above mentioned sustainable mobility plans, traffic general plans, traffic behaviour models, evaluation of transport impacts on the environment, and other strategic and operative documents used by the state administration, regional, urban, and local authorities, various types of measurements, laboratory tests and analyses, road safety audits and inspections, and specific telematic solutions for motorways, main roads and local roads. Based on the research results, CDV has produced a set of questions, included in the so-called e-tests, for Highway Code testing. All people who aim to receive a driver’s licence need to answer them.

Since its establishment, CDV has been actively involved in the European research field. As one of the first organizations in the Czech Republic, CDV participated in projects within the EU 4th Framework Programme, i.e. as early as in the 1990s, when the Czech Republic’s accession to EU was just a theory. The cooperation activities have continued ever since. CDV has become a member of a number of international organizations focused on transport research. This brought about a higher number of European projects. Based on a report presented by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, CDV ranked among the ten most successful organizations in the Czech Republic regarding the number of participated projects within the 6th and 7th Framework Programme, even in the competition with much larger institutions.

The cooperation in international projects and other programmes, as well as the participation in various international committees and boards, significantly contribute to increasing of knowledge in the transport sector and are the key activities for the involvement of Czech transport research and the transport resort in the international context.