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Division of Traffic Engineering, Road Safety and Strategies

The division motto is to create functional and safe road traffic for all. This is reflected in issues we tackle.

We have produced Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 and help to evaluate it. We help road administrators with systematic identification of high risk sites, we cooperated in introducing road safety audits and inspections. We cooperate with municipalities to deal with their traffic issues in the form traffic surveys, models and subsequent design of measures to reduce the number of road accidents and prevent speeding.

We neither forget children, nor traffic education. Children at schools and traffic parks learn basic rules of safe traffic using materials we produced.

Government needs information on losses from road accidents. We have worked with this issue for a long time and keep refining the calculations. We perform the evaluation every year. Based on the legislation changes in 2018, in cooperation with Supreme Court, we published an application that allows to access judgements in relation to pain compensations for judges as well as for public. It helps judges to make decisions in similar cases.

We consider “Vision 0” as a real vision. Therefore, we investigate real road accidents independently of the Police of the Czech Republic in the project of in-depth analysis. We perform thorough investigations of accident sites, vehicles, drivers and vehicle crews, who are contacted by an experienced psychologist. We try to make every accident with an injury as exceptional as it is in air and railway transport.

We perform traffic surveys, data analyses, visualization, modelling and prognoses of traffic as valuable sources for: traffic management and regulation, road design, transport planning, fields focused on transport impacts on noise, emissions, etc. As part of traffic engineering we bring new findings, technologies and know-how from abroad with the aim to improve safety and capacities of newly built roads.

To show that we are not focused just on people, see our application, in which general public is involved, where we evaluate collisions of vehicles with animals.

Our main activities particularly include:

  • tackling road safety at national, regional and local levels,
  • road safety expertise and analyses,
  • road safety audits and inspections, including solutions for high risk sites,
  • transport system conceptions,
  • support of pedestrian and cycle traffic and traffic of people with reduced mobility,
  • traffic calming,
  • economic analyses (CEA, CBA) and calculation of losses from road accidents,
  • education programmes for children and young people,
  • traffic surveys and measurements of traffic flow characteristics,
  • road accident analyses
  • expert opinions and technical studies
  • traffic-engineering analyses
  • testing of road signing and marking optical properties.

We organize accredited trainings for road safety auditors.

Completion of this training is one of the prerequisites to declare professional competence of participants who apply for a certificate to become a road safety auditor of the Ministry of Transport.

International awards

We were awarded a prestigious award of the European Road Safety Charter for significant contribution to improving road safety. The award was presented to CDV’s director by a vice-president of the European Commission in Athens in the meeting of EU ministers of transport on 8 May 2014.

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