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Transport Research Centre

The Transport Research Centre (CDV) is a public research institution, established according to Act 341/2005, Coll., as the only research organisation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport. Having been established by the resolution of the minister of transport as per January 1st 1993, it is the legal successor of the Czech section of the federal Research Institute of Transport in Žilina. The Transport Research Centre follows on the activity that began in 1954, and, therefore, has more than 60 years of tradition.


Profile CDV

We are Transport Research Centre (short, 2019)

We are Transport Research Centre (2019)

Awards, certificates

  • Winner of the European prize for road safety - Excellence in Road Safety Award
  • Holder of the quality management system certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 in research, development and technical activity for the purpose of development and optimalization of transport infrastructure as a whole, as well as in individual types of transport, including transport routes.

Operation profile

With its focus on research, the Transport Research Centre covers the key needs of transport development in the Czech Republic, on country-wide, regional and local levels.

  • It studies disciplines, such as road traffic safety, technology of construction, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of transport infrastructure - including geotechnical aspects and transport construction diagnostics.
  • Further, it deals with the impact of transport and its infrastructure on the environment, transport economy, multimodal transport, traffic psychology, traffic education, transport demand modelling, geographic information systems, dispatching and parking systems and telematic control systems.
  • It also focuses on smart mobility and new technologies, such as e.g. autonomous systems and other challenges for transport in the future.
  • TRANSPORT FOR THE FUTURE has become (since last year) the central slogan of the Transport Research Centre for its communication with both the expert the and non-professional public.
  • In the last three years, the Transport Research Centre has organized 21 professional conferences, and, in the field of traffic education cooperates, 87 elementary schools, 34 kindergartens, several secondary schools and universities.
  • It leads seven accredited educational programs.

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The Transport Research Centre operates its own laboratories

For research and for commercial purposes, we offer accredited tests of concrete, including non-destructive tests and bore samples, tests of aggregates, hardened mortar and screed materials, measuring of road unevenness, measuring of road characteristics using a georadar, geotechnical laboratory and on-site tests of soil, noise measuring, measuring of the quality of the outside atmosphere (imissions), determining the indicators of quality of water, ecotoxicological tests and tests of traffic signs and traffic signage.

Laboratory services are supplemented by a number of tests conducted in non-accredited mode from the fields of both transport infrastructure and environment.

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