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Alternative fules and drivers:

The issues of alternative fuels and drives in transport – in particular of biofuels, CNG, hydrogen technologies, electric and hybrid drives, support of their implementation and their impact on the environment – are currently highly topical, which is reflected, inter alia, in the requirements of the European Sustainable Development Strategy and namely in the Directive 2003/30/ES.

The activity of this department is mainly focused on the evaluation of environmental burdens due to the introduction and use of alternative fuels and drives. This department prepares analyses of the availability of fuels, infrastructure, and of rolling stock propelled by these fuels, as well as economic analyses of the introduction of alternative fuels in fleets, and evaluations of the life-cycle of products. Proposals are also prepared for distribution of alternative fuel filling stations in a given area, as well as mobility management for the support of clean vehicles in towns.

Guarantor issues:


  • Environmental and economical evaluation of clean vehicles promotion
  • Evaluation of alternative fuels impact on air quality and climatic changes in the transport of the Czech Republic based on scenarios of transport development
  • New methods for determining emission factors and total life cycle costs of heavy vehicles within the meaning of Directive 2009/33/EC on the promotion of clean and energy efficient vehicles


  • study on the possibility of introducing alternative fuels in urban public transport and intercity buses
  • study on the possibility of introducing alternative fuels in corporate vehicle fleets
  • economic assessment and comparison of the introduction of alternative fuels including externalities
  • proposal for the deployment of refuelling infrastructure
  • proposal of measures to favour the operation of ”clean vehicles“
  • consultancy in the field of alternative fuels – legislation, funding opportunities
  • optimization of public transport routing with regard to the specifics of alternative fuels