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Autonomous driving department (O31)

The Autonomous driving department focuses on the role of automation in road transport, primarily from the perspective of safety. Its mission is to analyze and evaluate the impacts on road safety of all levels of automation, from assistance systems, through higher levels of automation, and up to full autonomy. The promise of these new technologies is to reduce the number of accidents caused by human error, but these very same technologies have their own shortcomings that need to be addressed before vehicles equipped with them can hit the road. From a safety perspective, there are many unknowns that require in-depth research. The researchers in the Autonomous driving department study, analyze, and evaluate these technologies spanning all levels of automation in relation to road safety, with emphasis on human-centered autonomy. Besides that, they also conduct research on broader aspects of automation, such as the impact on overall mobility concepts, infrastructure, human behavior as well as moral dimensions of autonomous vehicles.

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