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Department of Road Safety Strategies and Analyses (O36)

The key activity of the department is production of strategic documents and subsequent analysis, or revision of their effects. For example, it is Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, which was adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic in its regulation No. 8 as of 4 January 2021. The priorities in the material are fully in compliance with goals set by member countries of the EU and the UN, which set objectives to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on roads by half (in 2030 by 50% in comparison with the initial state).

The basic philosophy of the Strategy is the confirmation of VISION ZERO, which the Czech Republic aims to approach significantly in the next decade. VISION ZERO considers unacceptable that a fatality or serious injury occurs in road traffic. In order to fulfil the vision’s target, it is necessary to design a safe system which includes road users, vehicles, and transport infrastructure. Basic pillars of this Strategy are formed by road users’ behaviour, safe vehicle, and safe infrastructure. The interconnection of the Strategy with other strategic and related documents is crucial. The society is unwilling to accept fatal accidents in workplaces, in air and rail transport – why should road transport be an exception?

Our researchers are involved in research, development and expert activities. Their results are used as materials for decision-making and management. Examples of strategic documents are as follows:

  • Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030, it is a production and regular evaluation of the execution of Strategy, incl. action plan,
  • production of local/regional road safety strategies and continual evaluation of their fulfilment,
  • production of methodologies for road safety strategy in urban areas,
  • production of implementation of methodologies for implementation of measures set by local strategies,
  • production of a case-law database related to pain compensation, in cooperation with Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, used for support and unification of the decision-making process related to non-material health damage,
  • long-term filling, extension and use of accident data national and international databases, such as IRTAD or CARE,
  • vehicle fleet composition analyses in relation to the National Action Plan of Clean Mobility,
  • thematic analyses from the field of Road Safety Strategy priorities,
  • road accident consequences trends in the Czech Republic and Europe, comparison of key indicators,
  • expert and information support with the use of materials from ETSC,
  • expert and information support of the work group of Government Council for Road Safety,
  • development of public charging infrastructure in context of transport services and upon consideration of traffic engineering parameters.

In the field of preparation of national, regional and local Road Safety Strategies, we cooperate with state and public administrations, particularly in meetings of regional and town councils and Road Strategy committees. We publish certified methodologies, provide services and consultancy. You can see outcomes of our work on the pages of the Road Safety Observatory and in other media, as well as in scientific journals and in international conferences. Some examples of recent projects are as follows:

  • Evaluation of Road Safety Strategy of Zlín region for 2019 & Transport Test Grid
  • Benefits of local strategies for improved road safety in municipalities of Zlín region
  • Transport conference with Road Safety and Damage Prevention Fund (contribution to the topic of Evaluation of Road Safety Strategy 2019)
  • Smart solutions improve life quality (contribution to the topic of Benefits of local road safetystrategies )
  • Road accident consequences in emergency state, journal Dopravní inženýrství 04/2020
  • Road accident consequences in 2019 by road type, journal Silniční obzor 04/2020
  • Local strategies may systematically help reduce number of road accidents in urban areas, journal Silniční obzor 04/2020
  • How may local road safety strategies impact road accidents in urban areas, journal Moderní obec 07/2020

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