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Department of cross-sectional issues in transport (O45)

This department is engaged in solving the cross-sectional issues of transport economics and works on concepts of research planning in this area. It participates in the economic assessment of the quality of projects in frame of the National Research Programme of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and individual supra-regional projects of the Ministry for Regional Development.

The basic task of this department is to search professional priorities and build support information databases. Professional activity is focused on the issues of sustainable transport, with the following topics:

  • assessing the effectiveness of transport modes, their interconnection and mutual competitiveness,
  • application of cost-benefit analysis in transport,
  • multi-criteria analyses of transport systems,
  • development of E-commerce and its impact on transport,
  • economic aspects of impacts of charging the access to town centres,
  • economic aspects of leisure transport and transport in recreational areas,
  • analysis of implementation of EU directives into the national legislation on transport,
  • legal aspects of measures to increase transport safety, kilometre-based charging, and sustainable transport,
  • issues of transport infrastructure maintenance and repairs.

This department actively participates in profiling of the CDV’s training workplace for PhD studies and lifelong learning programmes, and in external involvement of CDV workers in educational process at universities.

Projects - Internal projects:

  • Analysis of comparing price levels in the Czech Republic and Austria, the construction of GSM-R
  • Continuous monitoring of the load capacity of track bed rail tracks (KOMON) project DIAKOL
  • Research options optimal allocation of funds for the repair and maintenance of railway infrastructure, taking into account its current technical state
  • Research of application of unconventional means of public transport in the Czech Republic
  • Financing regional tracks

Projects - External projects:

  • KASSETTS - Knowledge-enabled Access of Central Europe SMEs to Efficient Transnational Transport Solutions
  • Cost-effective improvement of rail transport infrastructure
  • OPTIC - Optimal Policies for Transport in Combination

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