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Department of traffic psychology (O41)

We provide research and expert services for a number of institutions (e.g. Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Interior, Probation and mediation service, Prison service, etc.) which is focused on the influence of an individual (or a group of individuals) on safety and traffic flow.

The main area we deal with is a work with drivers who lost their driving license due to repeated offenses in the traffic or due to serious traffic violations. Our aim is to prevent a relapse of the problematic behavior in the traffic.

We also focus on the education and work with professional drivers who have to face high demands in relation to their profession. Our expertise mainly lies in the area of establishing a reasonable load of work for workers directly linked with the traffic. We carry out naturalistic observational studies focused on a prevention of the problem behaviors in the traffic.

Examples of research studies:

  • Implementation of rehabilitation and prevention programs for drivers
  • Implementation of anti-stress programs for professional drivers
  • Providing education for implementers of the programs for drivers
  • Realization of first aid training using the experiential method
  • Individual work with drivers
  • Realization of traffic psychological assessment
  • Implementation of training for drivers (mainly professionals) including the use of simulator vehicles

Chief manager: