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Division of road safety and traffic engineering

The division consists of a number of specific departments whose integrating element is traffic safety. A professional team of traffic engineers, psychologists, sociologists, urban planners and educators provide a multidisciplinary approach to research tasks.

In particular, the division covers the following issues:

  • addressing road safety at national, regional and local level
  • traffic safety expertises and analyses
  • road safety audits and inspections, including solutions for hazardous sites
  • conceptions of transport systems
  • promoting pedestrian and cycle traffic and traffic of people with reduced mobility
  • traffic calming
  • economic analyses (CEA, CBA) and quantification of damage from accidents
  • traffic research and measurements of traffic flow
  • human aspects in road traffic safety
  • traffic education and training of all groups of drivers, including the subsequent training

Division departments:


Research assistants:
Economic assistants: