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In-depth Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents

Project title: In-depth Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents
Subsidy provider: Ministry of the Interior


In-depth analysis of road traffic accidents (hereinafter referred to as “HADN”) is a unique project of Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v. v. i. (hereinafter referred to as “CDV”). The project commenced in January 2011. Based on the cooperation with BASt, Federal Highway Research Institute, a GIDAS database is used which secures the international compatibility of the obtained data. HADN is currently performed within the project of National Research of Traffic Accidents.

Project HADN provides a significant support for modification of the existing remedial measures and for finding more effective solutions. The main aim of the project is to extend the data base of HADN, which allows for more detailed analyses of specific circumstances. The continual extension of HADN data base allows for finding relationships and assess changes of some characteristics and causalities of road traffic accidents. The findings obtained within HADN activities are further analysed and more general conclusions are derived from them for systemic identification of accident causes under certain characteristic conditions.


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