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Management systems, technologies and diagnostics

Guarantor issues:


  • New diagnostics methods as a supporting decision tools for maintenance and repair of road pavements - their contribution and ways of their usage
  • Evaluation and optimisation of bearing capacity calculations based on FWD measurement results
  • Multichanel Ground Penatrating Radar as o Tool for monitoring of Road and Bridge Structures
  • Position of dowels and tie bars in rigid pavements and importance of their correct placement to pavement performance and service life
  • System for monitoring and analysing of new and current technologies in the field of pavement maintenance and repair, technical-economical view
  • Concrete pavements - new technologies of construction reconstruktion and reparation, incl. concrete and asphalt technologies comparison, linkup to surface characteristics, long-term monitoring
  • SPENS - Sustainable Pavements for European New Member States)
  • ARCHES - Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures
  • COST 354: Evaluation of Indices for Determination of the State of Roads in Terms of their Importance for the Czech Republic
  • COST 347 – Research of Pavements with Accelerated Loading Testing Facilities
  • COST 344 – Improvements to Snow and Ice Control on European Roads and Bridge
  • COST 343: Omezení uzavírek zlepšenými postupy údržby oprav
  • COST 343 – Reduction in Road Closures by Improved Maintenance Procedures


  • preparation of professional studies on the maintenance and management of pavements
  • diagnostics of roads and other objects of transport infrastructure
  • diagnostics of roads by Ground Penetrating Radar and Falling Weight Deflectometer FWD/HWD