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Problematics of geotechnology

This problematics deals mainly with issues of the earth body of transport structures (roads, railways). It focuses primarily on full-scale testing of constructions and materials (in real scale) and in situ (field tests). We dispose of fully equipped soil and geotechnical laboratory. For full-scale testing, a unique device called LGZP (Laboratory Geotechnical Testing Field) was designed and constructed in the Laboratory for Transport Infrastructure and the Environment, equipped with PneuTester – a device for static and cyclic loading tests.

This problematice is primarily devoted to the issue of assessing the effects of reinforcement with synthetic materials to bearing capacity of subgrades, it deals with an analysis of the ratio of the California bearing ratio and the modulus of deformation in the second cycle of loading of formation level soils in roads, or with earthwork monitoring (possibility of static and dynamic tests). It also addresses the issues of gabions – recommendation of their use for road constructions.

Guarantor issues: 


  • Geosynthetics and Lightweight Materials in Earth Bodies of Roads
  • Parameters of Soil Reinforced with Geosynthetic Materials
  • New Constructions and Materials for Railway Substructures and Superstructures
  • Properties of Gabions Elements and their Effects in Retaining Walls
  • Compressibility of Soils in Road Subgrade


  • Laboratory for Transport Infrastructure and the Environment 
  • processing expertise and studies
  • testing of soil, subsoil, aggregates