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Problematics of materials

The activity of this problematics is aimed mainly at the research of materials and technologies used for the construction of transport infrastructure, includes highly equipped laboratories, used mainly for testing of new types of mortars and concretes. The laboratory equipment allows realizing a wide range of tests of such materials in fresh and hardened state.

Among other unique devices, these labs are equipped with an electron microscope TESCAN VEGA TS 5136 LM Complete, used to study microstructure of mortars, concretes and asphalts, with a set of instrumentation for evaluation of properties of self-compacting concrete in fresh state, and the rheometer BRTHEOM, used for determining the rheological properties of concrete mixtures (angle of internal friction, viscosity), which is quite unique in the Czech Republic.

This problematics is mainly concerned with the field of materials engineering, with focus on the microstructure of building materials, the use of nanotechnology in civil engineering, environmental aspects of the use of building materials and structures, the effects of building production on sustainable development, the use of recycled materials and by-products in civil engineering, and on new and innovative building materials and technologies.

Guarantor issues:


  • Self-compacting Concrete in Bridges
  • Verifying the Success of Repairs and Reconstruction of Bridges. Identification of Alkaline Reaction of Aggregates in Concrete and Finding its Causes
  • Research of Operational Characteristics of Self-compacting Concretes and Possibilities of their Application in Road Engineering (Special Concretes and Mortars)


  • Laboratories for transport infrastructure and the environment
  • preparation of studies, expert opinions, technical expertises and structural condition surveys for a wide range of submitters, as well as the development and validation of new testing methods and devices.