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The Centre for Development of Transport Systems RODOS

Project title: The Centre for Development of Transport Systems RODOS
Subsidy provider: Technologická agentura ČR, program: CENTRA KOMPETENCE


The Centre for Development of Transport Systems (RODOS, Centrum pro ROzvoj DOpravních Systémů) created a strategic partnership of cooperating research institutions and companies determining the direction of intelligent mobility development in the Czech Republic.

RODOS is the largest contemporary body in the field of applied research in the transport sector, focusing on monitoring, management and financing of road transport.

The RODOS Centre consists of three largest technical universities in the Czech Republic, one public research institution and six companies, which are among the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the field of IT technologies, software, data collection and implementation of intelligent transport systems in the Czech market.

The strategic goal of the Centre is to create a complex information system (road transport) using new IT tools and integrate it into existing ITS. The core of the RODOS is the Dynamic Mobility Model (DMM integrates a dynamic model of movements of people, vehicles and goods, and related information throughout the Czech Republic). This model and its operation finds wide use not only in transport and other network industries, but also in the performance of state and public administration or in the future implementation of Smart Cities concepts.

From our point of view, the operation and continuous development of the DMM is necessary as prerequisite for further development of the Czech Republic towards a prosperous knowledge society in the field of intelligent transport systems.


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