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Department of Environment Compartment Analysis (O23)

The department activities are particularly focused on transport impact on compartments of the environment. In our projects and orders we deal with the complex field of organic and inorganic pollution of air, soil, water, sediments and biota. Furthermore, we study compositions of construction materials, such as asphalt mixtures and concretes, and potential release of pollutants therefrom. We perform research and systematically obtain new findings that are used in productions of methodologies, materials for the legislation, and technical regulations. In addition, we perform short-term and long-term orders of monitoring of various indicators of the environment quality, we assess results and design potential measures to improve conditions.

The department cooperates very closely with the Transport Research Centre’s laboratories, particularly with the Laboratory of the Environment, which is equipped with top instruments, allowing to perform top quality contractual activities. We have numerous instruments and devices at our disposal for taking environmental samples, their processing and preparation for chemical and toxicological analyses and subsequent qualitative and quantitative determination of a wide range of organic and inorganic substances, including their trace and ultratrace concentrations. Therefore, the equipment allows to determine substances with crucial impacts on the environment as well as on human health, e.g. various fractions of aerosol particles in the air, together with determination of trace concentrations of pollutants bound to them and assessing their toxic effects.

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