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Thematic area of human factor in transport and transport modelling

Thematic area consists of a wide range of experts in natural, social, and technological sciences involved in research projects, which are focused on the issue of the human being as a key element and the prime mover of the transport system. The activities of these area are focused on the issues of basic research dealt with by close cooperation with renowned national and international universities, on transferring of obtained knowledge to practical applications designed for public administration as well as private sector, and on orders where investors require high quality and impartiality guaranteed by the status of an independent public research institution.

Research activities of thematic area are focused on the following activities:

  • traffic safety regarding road users
    • rehabilitation and prevention programmes for drivers,
    • rtraining and education in transport,
    • rnaturalistic observation studies.
  • transport planning and traffic modelling
    • methodological solutions and performance of large transport-sociological research,
    • statistical analysis of traffic behaviour data,
    • transport demand modelling,
    • design and administration of multimodal models for transport planning,
    • application of agent technologies for transport modelling.
  • traffic management
    • design of information systems for support of decision-making process in transport,
    • micro-simulation of traffic flow,
    • impact of traffic information on road users’ traffic behaviour.
  • urbanism and urban sociology
    • life quality in urban areas,
    • mobility of ageing population,
    • social and economic consequences of suburbanization.




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