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Division of transport infrastructure and the environment

The issues of transport infrastructure are linked to more than fifty-year tradition of research in the field of roads and airfields. Currently it is addressing the tasks focused on rationalization of the design, construction, maintenance and repairs of roads, railway structures and bridges. It also prepares background materials for the technical policy, diagnostics and evaluation of operational and technical conditions. It also addresses legislation, standardization of technical regulations in the field of transport infrastructure.

The environmental issues are focused mainly on the solution of problematic areas, such as: roads with high traffic volumes, urban conglomerations and areas under special protection regime, systematic research and continuous monitoring of environmental burden caused by transport, determination of values for the selected indicators, evaluation of their trends, preparation of methodologies and proposal for concrete implementing measures to reduce the burden on the individual components of the environment and human health, preparation of data for legislation, policy and standardization of technical regulations.


One part of the division is the Laboratory for Transport Infrastructure and the Environment, accredited to carry out a set of tests for testing of fresh and hardened concrete, hardened mortars, and selected tests of soils and pavement characteristics. For a comprehensive assessment of the effects of transport on the environment, laboratories equipped with high technology instruments are used. Their equipment enables to determine organic matters with most severe impact on the environment and human health, particularly the particulate matter suspended in the air and the harmful substances bound to them, including an evaluation of their toxic, genotoxic and carcinogenic effects.

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