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Czech Road Traffic Safety Strategy 2021–2030 (PIARC 2023)


Czech Road Traffic Safety Strategy 2021–2030 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Strategy’) builds upon Czech Road Traffic Safety Strategy 2011–2020 and European Commission White Paper 2002–2010 called ‘European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to Decide’. The priorities are in line with the targets set by the Member States of the European Union and the United Nations, which have set the objective of reducing the number of persons killed and seriously injured on the roads by half (50% less in 2030 compared to the baseline). Note: The baseline for the Strategy is the average from 2017–2019.

The primary long-term goal of Vision Zero is that no person will be killed or seriously injured on the roads by 2050 at the latest. The Strategy is a tool to move toward this common goal. At the national level, areas with the greatest potential to reduce the serious consequences of road accidents are defined, but there is no room to address the different specificities within individual regions and cities. Hence, the key is to transfer the Strategy from the national level to the regional and local levels, where is a scope to address unique elements, including specific accident locations that can be identified with an appropriate certified method.

The current Strategy is the third in a row that the Transport Research Centre has prepared for the Ministry of Transport. The paper describes the source of the data used to identify the weighting of each key indicator. Collaboration on an action plan with responsible bodies, which is now a two-year plan with some quantifiable measures. The Transport Research Centre has created a unique interactive report using Power BI which is updated monthly. At both the national and regional level, we monitor whether or not strategic objectives and key indicators are being met. Where they are not being met, the attention of the regional coordinators and also the Police of the Czech Republic is focused.


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