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What influences lateral position in horizontal curves?

Three road marking types — edgelines, a centreline, and no marking — are used on rural Czech roads, even though their impact on the lateral position of a vehicle in real-life driving behaviour is not completely understood. This study strives to fill this gap for horizontal curves. It considers the road marking type and other factors in a sample of 68 curves. The modelling results confirm that, in addition to driving speed, road width, and other factors, the road marking type has an impact on the lateral position. Based on an analysis of road axis exceedance, the centreline proved better for curve negotiation because it led to trajectories farther from the road axis, lowering the probability of a head-on crash. Thus, the centreline marking proved to be the better alternative in terms of lateral position, as well as in the practical perspective. This finding provides guidance for road administrators towards increasing the consistency of road marking.